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Never Again  Release

Transparent CD Case Mockup 2.png

Drawing on my one and a half years working as a duo for FastLife, in 2020 I started Extal 07th Research Group, a show promoter/ record label. The first project releasing is the debut album Never Again by experimental ambient and electronic pop artist Arcitexture. This project includes CD packaging, logo, and music videos.



Transparent CD Case Mockup.png

In the age of digital music streaming, Arcitexture and I both knew early in the design process that a physical release must be treated as a form of merchandise, like a T-shirt or poster. So I focused on making a unique, beautiful, and eye-catching object that fans would want to display on their shelves. 

Transparent CD Case Mockup.png

The CD is inkjet printed with rays of bright colors. The clear case is screen printed with the Extal logo, the Arcitexture logo, and the title of the album. The CD design features a drawn version of the Extal logo in the upper left.

Artboard 11 copy 2.png

I designed a logo for Extal 07th Research Corps and Arcitexture as a part of this project. Extal is a record label as well as a "guild" for digital artists, hence the marrying of the sword with the clean Y2K inspired logo. 

Extal's work encompasses music releases, live music shows, independent publishing, and clothing. 

The logo was also designed as a system of shapes that can be redrawn and adapted to fit any project or as a stand-alone piece. 

extal sketch 7.jpg
extal sketch 6.jpg
extal sketch 8.jpg
extal sketch 4.jpg
extal sketch 5.jpg
Artboard 3 copy 2.png

The Arcitexture logo is a reflection of their music: clean electronic dance music with hyper-pop vocals. 

Isn't It About Me is the first single off of the album. It is a slow instrumental song that gets progressively distorted. I based many designs on HUD’s in Sci-Fi shows like Neon Genesis Evangelion. The story in the video that of a pilot-machine synchronization that goes wrong.

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